Institute of Mentalphysics

Comment Joshua Tree, California

The Institute of Mentalphyics and Joshua Tree Retreat Center is where I stay when I am in the High Desert. I first wrote about this magical place in 2012 and have been returning at least once a year since it came into my life. Also in ’12 I invited someone from Donald Glover’s Royalty crew on my desert tour, and although he couldn’t make it, I brought him back a meditation book from the center. Years later they held Childish Gambino’s “Pharos Experience” at the same space which I thought was quite interesting.

I had told Matty in length about where we were staying, but having spent many nights there over the past 6 years, I know that you don’t quite understand the power of the Institute of Mentalphysics until you step foot onto the property. Our room was modest, as all of them are. There aren’t amenities or robes, so if you describe yourself as “bougie” this place is not for you.  If you enjoy strolls in the desert sand surrounded by Joshua Trees, incredible architecture, labyrinths, late-night jacuzzi sessions, and most of all, spiritual awakenings, then this place should be added to your list. Rooms range from $60-$75 a night, plus a $8 pool/jacuzzi fee. The retreat center also has a great book store, offering an nice selection of Mentalphysics books, crystals, and singing bowls; I never leave there empty handed.

If its sacred geometry and earth magic that you love, you need to explore the Institute. The grounds are vast and the energy is vibrating on extra high levels. If you are in tune with nature, you are going to feel it here. Designed by world-renowned architects Frank Lloyd Wright and his son Lloyd, most of these unique buildings were built using sacred geometry circa 1941. The design of the land was carefully constructed, as to harness the powers of the ground below. The land on which the Center was built rests upon a aquifer (a running river), “producing an intriguing magnetic effect on those who enter this ancient and sacred space.” The energy at the Institute is unique and restorative – I’ve experienced many indescribable things while here. Matty can now also say the same, ask him. If it’s healing that you need, spend a couple nights here and I promise life will become clearer. 

Seeking mystical, mid-century modern, and magnetic forces? The Institute for Mentalphysics and Joshua Tree Retreat Center is the place. Although this spot has never been a secret, it has flown under the radar for decades. When people ask me where to stay in Joshua Tree, depending on who they are, this is where I suggest they stay. Not because it’s luxurious but because your spirit leaves with a full recharge. If you’re open to it, that is.

Institute of Mentalphyics | 59700 Twentynine Palms Highway, Joshua Tree, CA 92252