The Cannibal

Comment Culver City, California

I have been receiving press and party invites to The Platform for a minute now, but it wasn't until I was asked to come eat at The Cannibal, that I made the drive to Culver City. If you don't live in this part of the city I'm sharing with the utmost confidence, the Everything Pretzel is worth the drive alone. Our city is hurt when it comes to good pretzels, we should be grateful The Cannibal is making this. Philadelphia we are not. 

The Cannibal joins the ranks of some of the best designed restaurants in Los Angeles, at the hands of Studio MAI, naturally. I recently wrote about my love for this design co. after a stay at the South Congress Hotel in Austin, Texas. The rustic dark woods paired with moody blues and lots of natural light evoked the feeling of restaurants I've cozied up at off HWY 1 along the California Coast. Transformative spaces are my absolute favorite. Known for their meats, butcher shop, and over 400 beers on their menu - which you can see in their floor-to-ceiling cases upon entering - I didn't anticipate that their vegetables and breads were going to be my favorites at lunch.

I've surrendered to the fact that if there's a tartine or avocado toast on a menu, I am going to order it. The heart wants what the heart wants. The Smoked Tuna Tartine with herbs, dill aioli, and fennel was a true hit. Bread baked in-house, tuna smoked in-house, and dill flavors coming through on every bite on the equally crispy and soft bread. The fish was simultaneously delicate and substantial, and although I wasn't planning on finishing my portion of this dish, it was so delicious I had no other choice. It paired nicely with the Blistered Shishito Peppers and Roasted Beet Salad I ordered on the side, both vibrant vegetable options.


The Cannibal's burger had been really hyped up, maybe so much it didn't quite hit like I had anticipated. With red onion, onion soubise, provolone on the softest of bun, it's not the kind of classic burger that holds the most special place in my life but I am 100% open to the ever-growing burger options in Los Angeles. The bun was perfect, the blood and fat in the patty on point, but the seasoning did not come through as I am accustomed to. Because all of the elements were at play, I'd like to try this burger again.  

It was a strong meal which is why I am eager to return to experience The Cannibal's dinner menu, with a more meat-centric attitude in mind. There's a Pozole Head Cheese on their Charcuterie menu that has me quite curious in addition to Charred Baby Octopus and of course, the Dry-Age Rib Eye. And if you've been looking for half a pig's head, they also have that on their dinner menu as well. For all the true beer lovers out there, you should check out their weekly beer classes (only $25), which covers an introduction to beer making, contemporary beer topics and a proper tasting which I've heard will have you feeling lit. 

The Cannibal | 8850 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232