Rick Ross at Sonos Studios

Comment Los Angeles, California
Photos by  Andres Tardio

Photos by Andres Tardio

The Black Market listening session was casual, which worked to its advantage, but my proximity to the action undoubtedly made for the ultimate experience. Lira Galore pulled up a chair next to me – as to not tire from wearing her incredibly hight stilettos – and everyone took their places. For those of you who follow her on the gram, I must attest that she is even more beautiful in person. I was cooling to the music and vibes – there was one track with Chris Brown that had me feeling all types of ways and I couldn't resist The Dream track. As I was making love to myself thru dance I glanced over to see Meek Mill in a Bathing Ape fit, dripping in gold and diamond chains. Having been a Meek Mill enthusiast over the past four years, I clenched my chest seeing his handsome face. Did I mention he was glowing?

I was dancing, Rick was dancing, and he kindly passed the blunt our way. I politely let it keep moving as I wasn't trying to share my cold with the Maybach Music Group. As the album was coming to its end, Lil Durk and Tracy T slid thru to show some love. Grown men all around me whipped out their phones in hopes of being a part of the action.  It's always so wild to see folks who been acting hard all night go ham just to smell the sweat of an artist. 

At listening parties I always look forward to experiencing the energies of an artist and their friends. The MMG crew made a good impression on me, and not simply because Ricky Rozay squeezed my shoulders after dancing or was kind enough to take a selfie with ya girl. It was the genuine camaraderie between the men and women in MMG, and a willingness to spend time with the family, fans and media who showed up to show support. Although there was no performance, having the opportunity to meet Rick and enjoy his only L.A. listening party made for a great evening. 

Sonos Studios | 145 N La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90036 

I woke up on a Wednesday morning excited to see an email in my inbox from Sonos Studio that read "Rick Ross Listening Party." I scrambled to click RSVP knowing in my gut that an hour had already passed, and with Sonos emails, every minute that's passed decreases your chance of getting in. Under my breathe I muttered "please don't be sold out, please don't be sold out." Click. Sold out. I was low-key devastated. It felt like year after year had gone by and I had yet to meet Rick Ross, much less see him perform. For the amount of rap I've clocked, it's almost unbelievable that I've missed the Teflon Don of Maybach Music every single time he's touched down in L.A. Under typical circumstances, I wouldn't let a "sold out" notification keep me from making my dreams come true, but unfortunately I had a cold, and didn't have the energy to make it happen. Instead, I told the universe that if it was meant to be, it would be.

Fast forward 24 hours to the next morning, where I wake up to an email that reads "Rick Ross - Black Market Album Listening Party." I clenched my chest as I opened up the message, which was personal invitation to the function. With no hesitation I responded with a "looking forward to it" and then started to flush my body with fluids so I didn't pull up looking like a sick. Then I started to think, was I going to be showered in Wingstop and Luc Belaire

Strolled up to the velvet ropes and was greeted with open arms, it was then I knew it was going to be a superior evening. I invited my friend Senay Kenfe to join me at the Black Market listening party, who captured both Rozay and Meek Mill on film. The crowd was intimate and the sparkling rosé was flowing. Coincidentally Senay and I were fighting colds so we ordered ourselves some orange juice and found our place near the stage. 

I heard some commotion and looked over my shoulder, Rick Ross was making his way to the Sonos sound stage and his entourage began to post up in our zone. Rozay was dressed nearly head to toe in DGK and had a wrist full of diamonds. I couldn't look away from the prism flicks in his cuts.