My 2018 Goals & Resolutions

Comment Los Angeles, California
artwork by Awol Erizku

artwork by Awol Erizku

1. Direct my first music video
have you seen my video work? watch here.
2. Take my Care/Of Vitamins every day.
do you need vitamins? use my code: NATALIE25 for 25% off
3. Get acupuncture for the first time.
4. Host 12 solid guests on 12 solid NTS shows
did you know I've been hosting a really cool radio show?
5. Continue to implement my boundaries.
6. Put in the work on my DJ skills.
7. Continue booking paid DJ gigs.
8. Get to know my Google Pixel 2 better.
9. Continue doing hot yoga – it changed my life.
10. Read 1 book a week.
11. Visit Tokyo.
12. Visit Valle de Guadalupe
13. Get a full time job in music, music-adjacent. 
14. Finish writing my first book.
15. Continue therapy, which has radically changed my life.
16. Book a gig during Coachella weekend.
17. Curate & host a workshop for women.
18. Start a party with my best friend Martine.
19. Write another zine, 16 years after my last one was published.
20. Meet Future.
21. Creative direction for an upcoming artist
+ creative direction for one of the world's biggest artists.
22. Launch my dating podcast.
23. Eat at Vespertine.
24. See as much art as possible.
25. Tell my British crush that I am interested.
26. More public speaking.
27. Launch the NJ in LA newsletter.
you can sign up here!
28. Strengthen my photography skills.
29. Further improve my Spanish, using Duolingo on the daily.
30. Minimize my use of social media.
31. No text messaging with people outside my core circle.
32. Articulate my needs and desires.
33. Workout at least 5xs a week.
34. Increase my Instagram following to 100k.
35. Get verified on Instagram.
36. Return to London.
37. Return to Mexico City.
38. Thank You cards to all that help me along the way.
39. Receive more press than I ever have.
40. Blogging again–posts 5 days a week.