The Ask: NJ in LA is looking for graphic designer to join the team in 2017. I need someone who can dedicate a few hours a week (to start) knocking out ideas I have lined up, in addition to bringing fresh ideas to the table.  

Who: I’m looking for someone young or new to the game, who is looking to build not only their portfolio but connections as well. Taste level is very important and a positive attitude is a must. I need someone who can see where NJ in LA is headed and wants to be a part of team finna get guaped up. WOC are absolutely encouraged above all to apply.

Compensation: gifts, meals, alcohol, invitations to private events, time around attractive people and party invites. Cash money will also be involved, we gotta talk 1-on-1 about that.

Email: and tell me why you wanna join the team. Please include some examples of your work. Résumés are not required, but if you worked hard on one and want to share it, feel free. If you think you got it, tell me why.