Cocktails at Cadet

Comment Santa Monica, California

Although regarded as a restaurant and not a bar, it's their drinks that caught my attention. This restaurant offers a cozy space to enjoy both your drinks and plates, but it's the small outdoor seating area with French string lights that has the potential to create the best of moods. 

Their cocktail menu changes seasonally, ensuring only the freshest ingredients are used. I thought I'd put myself in the hands of the bartender and shared with him my flavor profile – this is what he created. 

I love a beautiful cocktail for many reasons, the most important being that I feel incredibly luxurious when I am drinking one. A great conversation with a friend is easily enhanced when you are both sipping artfully crafted cocktails, laughing loudly, and gazing off into the distance to catch the sunset overlooking Santa Monica. Life is beautiful when you want it to be.

At Cadet, you'll feel next to regal while drinking a libation from their bronze flooded bar. They offer a variety of cocktails to choose from in addition to a selection of wines, champagne, and a few beers on tap.  

Cadet has closed, but I will forever love these photos