Comment West Hollywood, California

As with most tastings, a king's serving of food was bestowed upon me and my guest. Our meal began with a tableside lavender tonic that awoke our senses. We ordered a couple cocktails because when you're living to the fullest, you don't pause if you want to indulge in early-afternoon drinking. Without hesitation, I ordered the escargot and avocado toast. Upon further review of the menu with our lovely server, we then ordered the following: salade de crudités, onion soup, moules frites, and a jamon sandwich. 

To say that everything delighted would be an understatement. The escargot were buttery and delicious, the avocado toast shined bright with the perfect piece of bread and bright radishes atop fresh avocado. Every dish that landed on our table had its very own distinct profile and were rich in flavors while maintaining a lightness I so desparately need from a lunch date.

If it's a French brasserie that is clearly influenced by California cuisine that you are looking for - and my goodness, I am - Terrine delivers the hits. The space is absolutely gorgeous. The bar is for sexy adults. And the servers give the utmost attention to your order. When you want to really treat yourself to a cocktail and lunch, this is a lovely space to feel like you've made it in this town.

Terrine | 8265 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA. 90048

RIP to Terrine, who closed their doors on January 1. This is where I fondly remember a great lunch.

Very few restaurants in L.A. serve escargots, much less on a lunch menu, so when Terrine announced they would now be opening their doors at 11am I wasted no time in checking out their new menu. I was eager to see the offerings for the afternoon crowd, as I had experienced Terrine's weekend brunch and the menu was not as focused as I had anticipated. I had been following Chef Kris Morningstar's career over the years, ever since I lived in the Downtown L.A. loft home to restaurant "Blue Velvet", where Morningstar was head chef, nearly a decade ago. It was there his dishes caught my attention and each year I have witnessed from a distance the incredible strides he has made. Having been writing about food for over 5 years now, it's been wild to watch chefs evolve.

At a charity dinner at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills, Chef Morningstar prepared one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten in my life, which came in the form of a Crispy Squid Ink rice with charred squid salad and saffron aioli. That moment confirmed that I would follow his career, in hopes that I would have achieve another culinary moment like that. He's also wowed me with frog legs at Live and Dine L.A. and hit me with some magical foie gras at Pebble Beach Food & Wine – needless to say, I was ready for this lunch.