Shock Top Orchard Lunch

Comment Santa Paula, California

When you are invited to experience Outstanding in the Field, there is only one answer to give – yes. On this expedition, Shock Top Beer welcomed me to enjoy an exquisite farm-to-table lunch in the beautiful Limoneria orchards of Santa Paula, about an hour and a half from Los Angeles. With transportation provided and one of my best friends, Martine Syms, joining me, all signs pointed to a glorious afternoon.

We pulled up to a picturesque scene in the citrus grove. I was so hyped that I started twirling around in between the trees. I managed to cool it for a second, as you can see above. The sun was shining, the air was insanely fresh, and the smell from the orchards had me hypnotized. 

Beers upon beers were being showered upon us, with slices of citrus, naturally. We kicked back as we savored juicy rotisserie chicken, citrus salads, artisanal bread and delicious blood orange popsicles for desert. It was a glorious afternoon and I hope the first of many Outstanding in the Field experiences in my life.

Limoneira | 1141 Cummings Road, Santa Paula, CA 93060