Comment West Hollywood, California

When I walked through the doors of Estrella I was immediately taken aback by the decor, which spoke so deeply to my semi-secret bohemian sensibilities. I turned to my pal Jacqueline Schneider and said, "this is a scene out of 70s Laurel Canyon." Everything felt so right and I had to know what design team was behind the incredible thoughtfulness of this space. The design props goes to Studio Collective, who have impressed me many times over with The Landsby, Giada Vegas, and The Spare Room. Estrella takes its name from a Joni Mitchell character in her 1970's "Ladies of the Canyon", with the aim of creating a space reminiscent of the bungalows in which the artists and their muses commingled. The space is warm and inviting, with cozy seating inside and plush seating outside, surrounded by fireplaces and chandeliers. You quickly feel removed from the Sunset Strip, which Estrella is located on, and that's what I enjoyed most about this restaurant.

Breakfast has been my thing as of late, so I made reservations for 10:45am, although I didn't realize the kitchen stopped serving eggs at 11. It's an ideal meeting spot – power breakfast, anyone? Easily transform your table into your very own personal office space, as they come equipped with outlets and USBs.


Estrella lured me in with their decor and hours of operation, but it was time to get a feel for the menu. I ordered 4 dishes to accompany my smooth vanilla latte and Jacqueline's cappuccino, both made with Verve Coffee. Three egg dishes, all varying in egg states, made their way to our table: Soft boiled egg with brioche, asparagus | Poached eggs puttanesca with potato cake | Frittata with butternut squash, goat cheese, sage, truffled pumpkin seeds and Orange ricotta pancakes with almonds, toasted coconut to satisfy the small sweet tooth in me. Savory for breakfast is how I do, but I always love sharing a sweet treat.

The Poached Eggs Puttanesca was the star of this breakfast spread, with the pancakes a close runner up. Each bite of the puttanesca offered a bright taste of tomatoes and one slice into the poached eggs delivered the kind of yolk porn that illicit unspoken desires and some side-mouth drool.  "Alla puttanesca" in Italian means "in the garbage style" or "in the whore's style" and I am here for that. As for the pancakes, the natural orange essence really shined through. If you enjoy an earthy citrus flavor you should definitely give those a look. I wouldn't order the frittata or soft boiled egg again, as they were both underwhelming. Overall, the beauty of the space made for a lovely breakfast. It made enough of a positive impression on me that I'd be interested in seeing what they serve up for lunch.

Estrella | 8800 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069