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Bathtub in my master suite at Hotel Demetria

Bathtub in my master suite at Hotel Demetria

Hotels are something I could not live without, they're my preferred method of lodging when I travel–the plush robes, slippers, turn down service–these all make for the perfect self-care recipe when I'm out here catching flights. Add in the largest bathtub I have ever seen and you could almost call it heaven. This is what luxuriating in Guadalajara, Mexico looks like. There are two hotels in GDL that get all the love, I called one of them home for a week and the other I took a private tour of after eating a delicious brunch at their restaurant (more on that later this week). Hotel Demetria is located in Colonia Lafayette, known for its vibrant arts and culture scene, perfect for my kind of lifestyle. The hotel itself, owned by architect Iván Cordero, is filled with art at every turn, and as someone who truly appreciates beautiful things, I delighted in every moment. My stay happened to coincide with an art festival happening at Hotel Demetria and I took the opportunity to make my first appearance in the Guadalajara art scene. People were wondering “who is she?” as I frolicked around the lobby in a faux fur and colored lenses. I felt at home and the women were coming through with bold statements and strong looks. This was Mexico after all, a country with incredible taste and a rich history of celebrating the arts. 

Hotel Demetria is constructed out of glass, steel, and concrete, pulling hard at my brutalist-loving heart strings. No two rooms are the same and from the tour I had the privilege of taking, I learned that I had been blessed with one of the largest rooms on the property. My master suite was nearly 350 square feet, fully equipped with a bath tub and my own private living room. The shower, built entirely out of black concrete, had 3 different water spouts. If you’re obsessed with showers as much as I am (I take 2-3 a day), this hotel is begging you to get wet. I have a lot of Pisces in my chart if you're curious as to why I cannot stay out of the water. You can only imagine the squeal I made when I first laid eyes on the tub! If you happened to watch my Instagram Stories while I was in Guadalajara, you got to hear me gush in real time.

Daily breakfast spread at Hotel Demetria

Daily breakfast spread at Hotel Demetria


I am not entirely sure if the daily breakfast spread is typically included with a stay at Hotel Demetria or if it was one of the many things my host, Don Julio, laced me up with. Either way, what a pleasure and convenience it was to walk downstairs to the hotel restaurant every morning to start my day with a delicious meal. Mexicans do it right and as a Mexican American I know this–I know that every meal I eat when I'm in Mexico is going to be delicious whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner. The standards for food in Mexico are superior to those in the USA, it's as simple as that. Oh, and the flavor!

What an abundant spread I got to lay my eyes on every a.m.: fruta fresca, yogurt, granola, pastries, salchichas, eggs, beans, nopales, and fresh tortillas to name a few. There was a choice of orange juice or my personal favorite, kale & orange juice, in addition to a full espresso bar.

When I leave the states it never fails that I inadvertently become a coffee drinker, a fascinating reality whenever I think about it. If there is one thing I've experienced in all my travels, it's the ability to order a quality espresso no matter where I am outside the USA. I unfortunately cannot say the same about my homeland, so my coffee drinking it much limited here. While staying at Hotel Demetria, in addition to my kale orange juice and Agua de Piedra Mineral Water every morning, I would also start my day with a pipping hot latte made with leche de almendra (almond milk). I became friends with the men working the espresso bar and before too long, I didn't even have to tell them my order as they already knew. It was perfect.

Patio de las Huilanchas, art installation

Patio de las Huilanchas, art installation

The 10,000-square-foot boutique hotel has 37 rooms and six apartments. Not to mention a gym, rooftop pool, jacuzzi and two bars. Hotel Demetria opened in 2011 and can be found sandwiched between two historic houses: Luis Barragán’s Casa Franco and Pedro Castellanos Casa Quiñones. The lobby serves as a gallery and event space, while many of its hidden gems are discovered while searching for your room or wandering the halls. Everything you see in the hotel is for sale, in true boutique fashion.

An art piece outside the elevator read "Do More Of What Makes You Happy", I appreciated seeing the affirmative message every time I maneuvered in and out the lobby.

If you have an affinity for modernist architecture, this makes for a beautiful stay in Guadalajara. Glass stairs, glass elevator, a black pool on the roof–I could go on and on. No elevated detail is spared, from the bottles of Agua de Piedra mineral water, Moët, and Casa Bosques chocolate bars in the room's mini bar, to the L'Occitane products lining the bathroom sink. As I write this, I find myself wishing I was back in my tub soaking in some bubbles. Get me back to Guadalajar, pronto.

Hotel Demetria | Av. de la Paz 2219, Lafayette, 44140 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Hotel Demetria rooftop pool, overlooking Guadalajara

Hotel Demetria rooftop pool, overlooking Guadalajara