Taller Paco Padilla

Comment Tlaquepaque, Mexico
Ceramics by Paco Padilla Workshop

Ceramics by Paco Padilla Workshop

I love ceramics, particularly pieces that were conceptualized and made in Mexico, where the art form has been celebrated for thousands of years. Ceramic arts and pottery crafts pre-date the arrival of Europeans in Mesoamerica, yet another example of Mexican sophistication that has rightfully become a respected tradition. When I read on my Don Julio itinerary that we would be given a private tour of Taller Paco Padilla in Tlaquepaque I was over the moon. Although I was not originally familiar with this pueblo, upon my on-the-spot research I learned that this city was known for its artisan crafts and pottery. Before even stepping in the studio, I knew I would be coming home with some special objects and gifts for friends.

Only a brief twenty-five minute drive from Guadalajara, we made our way to Padilla's workshop in Tlaquepaque, where we would spend the day learning about the taller (workshop), witness artists at work, and paint our own calavera in celebration of Día de los Muertos, under the tutelage of Paco Padilla himself. Señor Padilla was a kind man who was also full of so much life! We spoke in Spanish about his life's work in Tlaquepaque and before we knew it, he grabbed a guitar and started singing to us. It was truly a magical afternoon to be in Mexico.

Taller Paco Padilla | Calle Prisciliano Sanchez 142, Tlaquepaque, Jalisco 45500

Kiln at Paco Padilla Ceramic Studio

Kiln at Paco Padilla Ceramic Studio