Ostrich Farm

Comment Echo Park, California
Ostrich Farm Interior

I first met the owners of Ostrich Farm at a beautiful dinner on the grounds of the Ojai Rancho Inn last year. While sipping wine and noshing on Malaysian cuisine under the stars, I had the opportunity to hear about the conception of the restaurant and a little bit about what it's like to open a new business, from the owner's perspective. There was a moment that I couldn't escape seeing Ostrich Farm while scrolling through my Instagram feed. People went nuts for their beautiful interior, which throughout the day is bathed in the most incredible natural light. It wasn't until meeting Jaime Turrey and Brooke Fructhman, the inspiring husband and wife team behind the restaurant, that I made it a top priority to walk through the door. Good people with a dream, I am here for that.

A friend and I had been talking a lot about breakfast, so I thought Ostrich Farm's weekday brunch made for the perfect spot to meet up. He ordered some pancakes while I ordered a tartine, with slices of rye topped with smoked salmon, pickled onion, watercress, and cream cheese. It's meals like this that make me feel far more delicate than I actually am. I have an undeniable soft spot for tartines and avocado toasts. They're great, I cannot deny it. While we waited for our dishes to arrive, our server surprised us with a complimentary house-made brioche cinnamon bun, courtesy of the lovely Brooke, who sent it out. Although I minimize my sweets intake in the morning, I could not deny the icing on that bad boy. It was the truth.

The morning light paired with great conversation and nourishing breakfast made for a great start to the day. Although I need to make a few more stops into this space to gain a greater understanding of the menu, it is something I am looking forward to, if not simply for the beautiful decor and good vibes.

Ostrich Farm | 1525 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026