The London

Comment West Hollywood, California

We checked in on a late Sunday afternoon. The London WeHo had invited me to experience their multi-million dollar renovation and set me up with a 1,570 square feet Metropolitan Suite, making it the largest hotel room I've had the privilege of staying in. Upon arrival we were greeted with a warm welcome that assured me the rest of our stay was going to be top notch. Customer service is of the utmost importance to me, and living in Los Angeles I am ashamed to say our city is severely lacking it at times – a lot of times. Standards are raised at The London, where from check-in to check-out, we were met with smiles, accommodations, and above and beyond customer service.

I invited my friend Erin Christovale to join me on this staycation. After we enjoyed peeping the lobby, we made our way up to our room.  As we walked down the hallway to our suite I noticed that we kept passing double doors. Would we be walking up to our very own double doors, was this how we were living? Yes, we would. I swung open the doors to our suite and both of our jaws dropped. Nothing could've prepared me for entering this space – it was huge, beautiful and luxurious. 


In our office was a note inscribed "Ms. Natalie James", paired with a lovely plate of fruit and Acqua Panna, one of my favorite bottled waters. I put on some slippers to enjoy my letter which welcomed me to the hotel and proceeded to kick up my legs, looked at Erin, and said "we deserve this!" We took a tour of our suite, which translated to dancing in each room while I sang Usher's "Caught Up." 

In total, there were 8 different areas to our space: bathroom, clothing & luggage room, bedroom, office, living room, hallway, full kitchen and tv room. If you happened to watch my Snapchat, you had the chance to take the digital tour of the suite with me. Everything in our new living space was lovely. I especially enjoyed the art and photography placed in the library area of our office space, which was also decorated with some beautiful large crystals. I emitted a satisfied sigh as I plopped down on our plush couch. 


Dinner arrangements had been made for us at The London's restaurant known as Boxwood. Although none of the dishes were particularly memorable, the ambience and well crafted cocktails made for a lovely dining experience. The bar was absolutely stunning and the drinks were stiff and well considered, a crucial element in any hotel stay. It also made for the perfect environment to photograph. We opted to take our desserts to go and upon arrival back in our suite, placed our delicious sorbets in our kitchen's freezer. This would come in incredibly handy towards the end of the evening!

I invited a few of my friend's to come over so that we could enjoy an intimate party in the suite, slippers for each guest included. A visit to the rooftop was necessary so that the party could get lit, and we cozied up around the fireplace. It was great to share this evening with my friends, as we enjoyed the beautiful view of L.A., great conversation, and non-stop laughs.

The London | 1020 N. San Vincente Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069