Bristol Dry Lake

Comment Mojave Desert, California

I have been traveling to Bristol Dry Lake for over 5 years now and it's one of my favorite places in the country. When I'm out here, it almost feels like I'm on another planet, or the closest thing I can imagine it to feel like. This is not such an easily achievable feeling, nor is it easy to find, which makes this beautiful landscape a rare one on Earth. Over the years I have invited people to experience this beautiful place but only the realest have made the journey. In the Mojave Desert, there is an entirely different vibration and it stays calling me.

If you love to drive, the trek to the salt fields satisfies those open-road urges. With no glimpse of life as you know it, you may find yourself testing out how much speed you truly need behind the wheel. To know it, you must experience it. 

About 50 mins Northwest of Twenynine Palms and 15 mins Southeast of Amboy and Route 66, you'll find Bristol Dry Lake. There are no signs or indicators so keep your eyes peeled for a bedding of raised earth and a reflective water source. If you're coming from Twentynine Palms, it'll be on your left. Parking is simply on the side of the road, you'll figure it out.. And never forget, leave a place just as you found it or even cleaner.

34.4622º N, 115.6739º W