Desert Christ Park

Comment Yucca Valley, California

One of the first stops on Matty and I's desert excursion was Desert Christ Park, located in Yucca Valley. I've always had an affinity for places that feel abandoned, especially when there is erosion and the sense of loss is near palpable; there is plenty of that at this once-pristine desert amusement park dedicated to Christ's life and teachings. Established in 1951, this outdoor museum is home to forty Bible-inspired statues sprawled across a 3.5 acre desert landscape. If it is an interesting desert energy that you seek, climb up the hill surrounding the area and allow the wind envelop your entire body. When the breeze subsides you have the potential to tap into silence with each step up you take. It'll change your attitude.

Desert Christ Park | 56200 Sunnyslope Drive, Yucca Valley, CA 92284